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CONNIT your option to develop intelligent and inovative applications.

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CONNIT is the solution for your M2M projects, our products will allow you to control and manage your business data remotely and in real time. We take into account your special needs in order to provide you the most adapted solution for your projects and budget.


Eco-tools design

We design our M2M solutions in order to be used with smart energies. Our team will accompaing our customer companies on the instalation of smart metering and smart grids in order to improve energy efficency and demand management.

Smart Metering


If you are a hobbyist, electronic or informatic engineer, looking for challenges and want to join a growing, young and innovative company: You are in the rigth place! Don't hesitate to send us your application at any time.

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Sigfox, our indispensable partnership

SigFox, our indispensable partnership

After using for more than a decade the cellphone technology (GSM, GPRS, 3G, satellite), M2M solutions have their own revolutionary network, developed and operated by SigFox. What characterize this new network is: its low cost, low rate, overall reliability and the simplicity of implementation. We invite you to read about Sigfox in order to understand this revolutionary technology concerning the internet of things.

Informatic system on charge of CONNIT

Computer service

We are fully aware of the complexity and challenges that exist in the development of an industrial system around the internet of things. Hence we give high importance to our clients before, during, and after installing our M2M solution. We want to offer you the best choice on infrastucture, integration and experimentation with an accessible and transparent cost.

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CONNIT offers M2M solutions, we diversify our products in order to satisfy our customers needs.

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